Structural Packaging design

TML Packaging Design was created in 2013 to deliver a niche resource of structural and graphic packaging development. TML was formed by Tony Livingstone who's experience of global packaging development and design span over 20 years. Tony's previous role, as senior designer for multi-national Hasbro, adds a broad understanding of design, and fmcg packaging, which encompasses many styles, materials, and manufacturing locations.

Stand out! The ability to offer this resource to smaller companies who do not staff this area, greatly expands the opportunity to enhance the shelf presence and further embellish product branding for all companies regardless of size.

Astute marketeers are all to aware that packaging standout and differentiation is a powerful tool at their disposal. Sadly, packaging as part of the overall product offering, is often overlooked, leaving great product camouflaged and non-distinctive in the aisles.